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Book Services

You’ve written a book.  Amazing! … Now what?

Writing a book is a labor of love, and you did it! After months (or maybe even years) of writing and editing, it’s time to give it a face and make it come to life. That’s where I come in. 

No matter what book services you’re looking for, whether it’s a custom cover, pre-made cover, or graphics, I can help you come up with a look that fits your book (or series) perfectly. Read on to see what book services I offer.

Custom Covers

Do you already have an idea of what you would like your cover to look like but need help bringing it to life? Great! Let’s work together to make it a reality!
Prices begin at $120.00, depending on the time and number of stock photos.
Contact Me to discuss custom covers.

Custom cover

Pre-Made Covers

Needing for something perfect for your book but aren’t looking for a custom cover? Browse my pre-made cover selection! Here you’ll find both e-book and full wrap options that are nearly ready to go; just provide the details to make it all yours! (See below for full wrap information.)
Available premade covers

premade book cover

I also offer a selection of covers on SelfPubBookCovers. Find more information here.

Back Covers

If you fell in love with one of my pre-made covers but want to offer a paperback and need to add a spine and back cover, I can turn almost any of my covers into a full wrap for you.
Book Add-Ons

book back cover


Whether Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or elsewhere, you need to post graphics to help get the word out about your book. I can help with cover reveals, social media posts such as book teasers or ads, and banners for your website or Facebook.

social media graphics


Q: Where do you get your cover images?
A: I purchase my images from a well-respected stock site, and combine multiple images with digital drawing and photo manipulation to create your cover.
I will not use free stock sites like Pixabay due to the fact that copyrighted images have been uploaded there in the past, and neither of us wants to face legal troubles over your beloved cover!

Q: Do you sell your covers more than once?
Each cover will only be sold once – I will never resell a cover!
However, it is important to note – stock images are not exclusive rights images. As such, it is possible you might see stock images used on your cover somewhere else. Exclusive images tend to start at ~$400 and go up from there, which most of us cannot afford. In ordering covers from me, you are agreeing that you understand images are not exclusive.